Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Holding on, when all around is doubt and confusion.
When all you can do is rest upon the promises you know,
and let go of fear and anxiety

When all you can do is rest upon what God has done in the past,
and not consign it all to history -
convinced that maturity lies 
in standing on the building blocks of logic and reason,
for that would be treason!

Look around you, see the signs of the season.
God is here amongst us now.
His Holy Spirit moves through the trees, 
on the breeze,
bringing peace, joy and hope.
His holy spirit washes us in the rain,
and although we moan and say,
“Not again!”
We still search for the silent sparkle of sunlight on the raindrops.
Divine diamonds,
scattered by a generous God.
There to be observed by eyes that seek.
Glory for the meek.

Upon the ground there lies a fragile cross
A symbol of that which carried the sins of the world,
A reminder that the gift of autumn
pales into insignificance
besides the price that was paid once for all.
A twig broken off a tree,
carried on the wind
and left for us to see.
A reminder of the body that was broken
for you and me.

I rest, like a fragile leaf,
knowing the life within me is a gift
that my life on earth will be just a season
and I pray that I may fill my days
in ways
that are honouring to you.