Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Normal Service Has Been Resumed!

It was great to have company to see the back of 2013 and to allow the new year to slink in.  As midnight approached we wandered outside to observe the fireworks and seek photographic evidence heralding the arrival of 2014... 
"Is it midnight yet - rockets are going off?" 
"No, still 2 minutes to go! They are early"
"Oh cool, Church bells!"
"No, that's Abi with her iPad mini.."
However, for the first year I can remember, the nearby pub let me down by not having a display of fireworks at midnight - just to provide material for my photography - though one of my guests advised me that there was a significant police presence outside there later, which may have been connected!

Having failed to take any photos worthy of the occasion, we the found ourselves experimenting with the panoramic function our phone cameras, inspired by a gadget someone had been given for Christmas.  Taking a successful panoramic requires commitment to direction, as I discovered with this shot where I appear to have successfully ripped the door!  For those of a nervous disposition, please allow me to reassure you that no doors were harmed in the making of this shot, it is simply poor photography, where I have changed direction when I shouldn't!  Sharing on facebook the good news that I had ripped the door, resulted in the complete confusion that I seem to specialise in producing.  I probably now have the reputation for being a room trashing, hard drinking party animal - a far cry from my evening with delightful geeks, during which half a bottle of wine was consumed, along with mince pies, biscuits and Marks & Spencers chocolates, while a valient attempt was made to get a computer to talk to a monitor for purposes for the enhancement of divine worship...

I was interested to read peoples posts as 2013 drew to a close and they looked back on the year with fondness, or relief that it was staggering to a conclusion.  I started to question if years were actually "good" or "bad".  Some of my friends have had to cope with extremely difficult events and issues during the last 12 months, and I am not attempting to deny or diminish their pain and suffering in any way.   Instead I am questioning if we give a year more credit than it deserves - after all it is only a measure of time and has no power over either event or ourselves!  

Looking out at the weather, I am tempted to ask if I can have 2013 back, but that is not possible without causing a rip in fabric of order of life, and as I am not seeking to engage with spiritual complexities beyond my understanding I will accept the rainy day I have been given, and wonder how I can make good use of it.  A load of washing and a clean sink are more sensible than many of my achievements - I am a dreamer by nature and would far rather the harsh realities of life passed me by.   To you I offer a photograph that reflects my human imperfections and endeavours and the encouragement to forgive the weaknesses you perceive within yourself, and not just to accept situations which cause you distress, but to seek a way forward so that in twelve months time you can look back and know that you have done your best, and maybe I will have mastered panoramic shots too ;)