Friday, 14 March 2014

Chaos V Mess

If we live by the Spirit, let’s also walk by the Spirit.  Let’s not become conceited, provoking one another, and envying one another. Galatians 5:25-26

There are times when we find ourselves irritated by others, and before we know it all that matters is the fact that we are 'right'!  I am by nature untidy.  Just a couple of weeks after the annual blitz, my desk is a heap of paperwork, leads newspapers, notes  and wrappers.  Junk and vital information intermingle freely, causing the contents of my desk to overflow on to the floor. Odd bits of paper find their way under the wheels of my chair, making an interesting crunchy sound as I run over them.  A noise which my husband hates and I quite like...

My husband is normally quite neat and tidy, but there two particular areas where he isn't.
1) Shoes.  Is it just my husband who thinks that he can garden or go for a walk and STILL have immaculate shoes?  This leads to conversations such as
"You are dropping mud around the house. Again!"
"No, look!  There is no mud on my shoes, and anyway I am going out again now..."
I look, and either all the mud has fallen off, or the mud is still there, lurking in the treads...
2) Coffee grains....My husband likes fresh coffee. I am not so bothered.  I don't mind him using a caffettiera. I just wish he didn't leave the grounds sprinkled over the draining board!
I find myself re-cleaning the sink and draining board, just to emphasise the fact that I want it clean.  He appears not to notice...

It interests me that my reaction to my own messiness is so different to my reaction to the chaos others cause.  Does their untidiness irritate me because I don't feel in control, or do I just resent their imperfection, whilst being perfectly content with my own...I suspect the latter!

I share all this because I am aware of my own weaknesses, and how they contrast with the Paul's ideal of good Christian living.  At this point everyone I have ever provoked or irritated could jump on the band wagon and chastise me for spiritual weakness, but how could they do that without becoming conceited themselves.

How easy do you find it to live by the Spirit, and if you have no difficulty with this, watch out for the 16th word... ;)