Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Diagnosing Foolishness

 ‘Hear this now, foolish people without understanding; who have eyes, and don’t see; who have ears, and don’t hear:  Jeremiah 5:21

I feel like a foolish person without understanding. Today we got the diagnosis that my daughter has had Whooping Cough, and I had to drag that information out of the doctor, who assumed I knew! The paperwork we received said she may have the disease, not that she did...

Being the parent of an Autistic child, nothing is straight forward and when your child announces that they have suddenly developed a notifiable disease, you are immediately cast in the role of disproving their theory.  Two months later and the medical authorities, who originally said it was very unlikely that my daughter had Whooping Cough, now agree with her self-diagnosis.

I have no idea how my daughter knew she had this disease, neither does she. I assume that somewhere in her memory was a fact that she could connect to. I had never encountered the illness, and had to resort to you tube to find clips of people exhibiting symptoms, which did resemble the symptoms my daughter was experiencing.  Which left us with the question, had she seen similar clips?  Was her behaviour triggered by her condition, or was she showing the symptoms which the condition should show...

I am left wondering how much more do I fail to see, fail to understand?  I say this not to beat myself up, but as a response, as I wonder at the vastness of God, and the limits of my human understanding.  I see no need to put myself down in order to exalt God.  We were made to worship God, to acknowledge his splendour and majesty - not through false and insincere humility, but in open and honest awe and wonder, when all that is unnecessary has been striped away. Then we can begin the true foolishness to which we are called, Foolish, perhaps, in the eyes of the world. True, I hope, in the eyes of God.