Saturday, 19 April 2014


And so we hurried to lay him in the tomb before the sun was set.
Then nothing happened.
For having chosen and disposed of their victim,
the people set about religious observance,
oblivious to the irony.
Scriptures fulfilled while they pursued the same old,
same old

A I reflect on this period of darkness and despair.
When it appeared as if all had been lost,
I think at this moment of all those who are right now in a place that feels like hell,
separated from those they love.
Waiting for answers.
Fearing the worst, yet denying the probable.
Not wanting to define their worries with words, for fear they will come true,
yet unable not to cry out from groaning deeper than they knew possible.
I think of lives ended too soon.
Those on the missing plane, the sunken ferry and other tragedies.

Lord, we mourn with those who have no answers.
We grieve with those who have been separated from those they love by death.
We plead for the miracle of restoration of broken relationships.
We pray for closure, healing and peace for those who are unable to return for fear of violence.

As the hours tick away and we look forward to Easter Day,
may we not be so busy being church and obeying rules that we forget to be your followers, reaching out to the lost, 
the lonely, 
the hurting, 
the dirty, 
the clean,
the mean,
the disadvantaged, 
the arrogant, 
the proud, 
the damaged, 
the refuge, 
the rootless, 
the hopeless, 
the depressed, 
the lonely, 
the frightened, 
the weary 
- your children.