Saturday, 12 April 2014

Night Prayer

On God alone my soul in stillness waits; 
from him comes my salvation. Psalm 62:1
In the quiet of the night I sit and contemplate both the day that has past, and the day that lies ahead.  
In this moment before sleeping I give thanks for the people I met and the tasks completed.  
I pause to regret the tasks I have postponed until tomorrow, knowing that my foolishness merely lengthens the shadow they cast over me. 
I give thanks for that which I have achieved, pleased that I made the effort. Others will not know the choice I made, they do not need to know - this knowledge exits only between God and myself (and my keyboard ;) )  
I think of the people I met, and I recall their faces, their smiles - some I will meet again soon for we share a purpose, others were threads that crossed in the tapestry of life, we may never notice if our paths ever cross again.  We cannot recall every person we meet. All we can do is ensure that our encounters are a good witness to what we believe.
In this moment before sleeping I pause also to recall the day ahead, and ask for God's blessings on it. I think of Miles, who will be 5.  His lovely beaming smile and quirky mannerisms. Lord, watch over him, protect and bless him. 
I think ahead to church, may we give a warm and unconditional welcome to all who come to church.  
I give thanks for all who travel over the Easter period, for safety and joy in their journeying.  
I pray for the world - Lord heal the troubled places, calm the fears and anxieties of leaders and help them to govern wisely and fairly, even if they have other plans...