Tuesday, 22 April 2014

The Debt is Risen...

Sooner or later it was inevitable.
I cannot say that you were the first, and sadly it is unlikely that you will be the last.
You were just the first person I saw in there.
The movement of the small child accompanying you caught my eye,
and my heart sank.
I wanted to knock on the window and shout out
"Don't do it!  There are better ways!
Fairer ways
Options that will not fleece you with exorbitant rates of interest!"
I looked at the small child, his face carefree.
Through your anxiety, you smiled.
Your love for the child certain and true.
Alas I cannot take away your right to chose, for we have free will.
I do hope that you are aware of other options, and that the decision, 
whether taken by yourself or another, 
was taken from a position of knowledge and expediency, 
not ignorance and poverty.
I pray that you will have the money to repay that loan, quickly and easily.
and that pride will not prevent you from seeking help if you need it.
Need it you probably will, for those who have money can access cheap loans. 
It is those who have no choice who are too often the victim.

I think of Jesus, who died that we might be free.
Who paid the price
with his life.
Cancelling the debt that we could not pay.
Offering the free gift of eternal life,
if we will accept him as Lord and saviour.
No paperwork
no interest charge
no fee for accepting early - for all are equal in your sight.
I pray that we will take up that offer, 
and live lives that are pleasing and honourable to him.

I wondered with some irony,
if your situation was caused by Easter,
and if payday loans used Easter to offer a simple solution to your dilemma.
I googled Easter and Payday loans and my worst fears were realised…http://cashzilla.co.uk/2012/05/11/guest-post-5-totally-shameless-payday-loan-offers/
The price was paid to settle a debt you could not pay, and you celebrate by getting yourself into a debt you may not be able to repay.
Totally missing the irony.

My prayer is that no-one will use the loans shop and it will close.
The reality is that with the exorbitant interest you pay the running costs of keeping that place of injustice open.

Happy Easter
The debt is risen, the debt is risen indeed
Take another loan out!