Friday, 11 April 2014

Sounding Out Across The Land

When the Lord brought back those who returned to Zion,
we were like those who dream.
Then our mouth was filled with laughter,
and our tongue with singing.  Psalm 126:1-2

This evening we returned to a venue and activity that had once been a regular part of our lives.
Things change, and that which was once so important, 
gets crowded out.
Events and circumstances mean that the old comfortable habit 
no longer fits.
With a sigh you move on.
But every tower you see,
is a reminder of what you once looked for.
The sound of bells echoes deep within you,
changes resonating, 
Queens, Titums Whittingtons, Reverse and Fire!
Stedman, Plain Bob, Grandsire,
Reverse Canterbury, and Yorkshire,
Sally, tail ends, and coathanger
fish tails, course ends, bob and single,
run through my head in an interweaving mingle.
The bells are checked over.
On the floor, the new carpet is liberally scattered with dust, 
dead flies and other  debris I have no desire to unidentify...
Plug in the vacuum, let us restore some order!

We take our ropes and one by one 
the bells are raised for ringing.
The clapper striking the side of the bell,
sounding out across park and estate.
First with three and then with four,
the bells ring out again once more.
Our hands are shiny
unused to the hardness of the rope,
and deep within there stirs a hope
That more people will come and join the band
and the reminder that Christ is risen will sound 
out across the town,
once again.