Thursday, 22 May 2014

But which way do I vote?

Am I the only person wondering what sort of madness we will awaken to?  Who worries how many people will have voted for UKIP, with not really a clue of what their policies are..?

People are fed up with the Conservatives, but where are the socialists?  I never remember an opposition party that has managed to be so silent and invisible in the face of such an unpopular government.  The great socialist reformers of the past must be turning in their graves.

The sign on the wall showed me which way to go, that was the easy bit.  Knowing how to use my vote was far more complicated!

I went to vote because i believed that I should, but I found it very difficult to know how to cast my vote.  I could not vote for any party that is going to make the rich richer at the expense of the poor.  I can't vote for the Lib Dem's - they sold out.  The Greens… not a big enough voice. UKIP definitely out of the question! Leaving only the invisibles...Tough decision!

What will we awaken to?  Votes cast in fear and prejudice.
Elections 2014 - taking the great out of Britain.