Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Return of the Christian Aid Collectors

The most difficult part of Christian Aid week is fitting everything in, which is why we ended up collecting our envelopes at Tuesday teatime!  I have never managed to call back so early in the week before.  In the past we were discouraged from returning before the weekly payday. These days most people have to budget for the month, so that isn't really so much of a concern.

About five years ago my husband and I adopted three roads to collect in - one long and two short. This enables us to do three roads in a reasonable amount of time - 1 hour delivering, an hour and a half collecting.  We work together, alternating blocks, so we don't always get to see the same people, but hopefully people see us working our way along the street and are starting to remember us. 

Not everyone was pleased to see us, or wanted to give, and that was fine. I regard it as an excuse to knock on doors and chat with the residents and invite them to give to an excellent charity.  I had some lovely conversations and a big beaming smile of recognition from one young girl - "You're from 'Open the Book', aren't you!" she announced.  I also met some people i know. I also discovered that a member of our church lives in that road, and it was a lovely surprise when she opened her door. I love it when the different strands of life get woven together.

I was greatly encouraged by people's willingness to give, but also to give permission not to give to those who were not able to for any reason.  There is also the apparent randomness of the people you meet. Before you go, you have no idea who will be at home, and no matter how many times we went back, we would still miss some folks.  We now have a "sorry we missed you" slip, which we put through letterboxes where we got no response, at least 3 of these prompted people to call after us.

Going knocking on doors is a step of faith. You never know who is going to answer, or what they will say.  However, it is wonderful opportunity to connect with the local community, and a very positive experience.  If you get the chance, join in with Christian Aid collecting.  The time to sign up for Christian Aid week 2015, will soon be here!