Monday, 19 May 2014

Keeping Schtum

Many words are written
But few you will get to see.
For I must maintain my privacy.
not to mention my dignity
and sense of anonymity.
For it just would not do for all to see
my chaotic emotionality
splurged for all to analyse
and criticise.

But wait, I hear your protestation.
What about honesty
and spiritual integrity.
Is there a sort of inevitability
A sacrificial rituality
of self, to serve
can I hold my nerve?
Or is this too absurd
to sketch out in word

Then I remember,
there is a better way,
than clutching what it would not be wise
for you to verbalise.
Take it to the cross
and don't count it loss
to lay it down at His feet
and tip toe away
before you can say
"I'll take that away
with me.."

Did you think it was a switch?
its more like an itch,
that urges you to respond,
fools, torments, deceives, 
tantalises and misleads.
Take a piece of the peace
a generous portion
and soon your emotional turmoil
will have been soothed with the oil
and purified with prayer
so rare.