Monday, 2 June 2014

Following Aeron

Last Monday we walked from Lancheraron to Aberaeron, down the valley alongside the River Aeron to the sea. 

We took the more difficult route on the way down, which included the negotiation of many stiles and a field of curious cows. 

 I am not good with stiles or cows, or stiles leading to cows....

but we were rewarded with a peaceful walk, where few others trod, birds and butterflies abounded,

 and it felt like time had stood still, as we walked this ancient pathway, where generations of feet have trodden before us.  

Hopefully generations of discerning walkers will still seek out this more demanding route.

We were walking parallel to the main route which followed an old railway line.  No stiles, steps, gateways, boggy fields and fallen trees to halt their incessant progress.  Through the trees we could see and hear an endless parade of cyclists and walkers, and were glad that we had chosen the quieter, less popular route, even if it meant that at times we were walking through mud and another similar coloured semi-solid substance…

Arriving in the town, a lady kindly directed us through the park into the heart of the town. We ate our sandwiches over looking the entrance to the harbour - the take away coffee was much appreciated.  Thank you to the lady in the information centre who advised us where we could obtain that. 

We returned along the flatter, obstacle free, easier and substantially quicker route. 

Pausing frequently to admire the river, or peer over interesting looking gates.  Five miles may seem like a walk in the park to those of a more energetic nature, but for us it was a delightful way to spend a day.

It is interesting to reflect on the differences between the two paths. Both took us to our destination, but gave us different experiences.  Neither was right, nor wrong.  How often do we beat ourselves up over the choice of path we take, only to find that God guided us to the place where he wanted us to be.  Some routes are clearly wrong, but sometimes God gives us a choice between several equally valid options.  What we need is the discernment to know the difference!