Thursday, 26 June 2014

The Battleground

"You won't get anywhere until you actually start!"  urged Mr Logical.
"Just begin with something small, which you can accomplish" advised Captain Sensible.
"Rome wasn't built in a day!" chimed Miss Cliche.

But then my ears became tuned to a different set of voices…

"The whole idea is totally ridiculous!"  rubbished Mr Negative
"You know it is going to be YOU who has to so ALL the work AND everything else on top!" said Miss Discouragement.
"If it is such a good idea, why is it such hard work?" asked Ms Cynic
"Why bother" questioned Miss Waste-of-time
"Are you really sure this is what God wants you to do?" whispered Mr Sneaky Seeds-of-Doubt.

The battle raged, my stress levels rose, and nothing was accomplished.  For the voices of the world won that particular battle. And it hurt.

The peace that eluded me on Wednesday, snuck back overnight when I wasn't looking.  It crept back while I slept and soothed the irritability that had left me feeling at odds with myself and the world.  Having been alienated by my failure to begin to tackle the endless task before me.

Today, has been a phoney war.  
No warning shots across the brow. 
No anguished ambush.
No tactical threats.
Mind you, no progress made either...

Tomorrow is another day.
I have no idea on what battlefield the war will be fought, but I will stay focused, and not listen to the destructive voices, that long to encase me in fear and disillusionment, effectively insulating me from the hope joy and peace and love I long for…But I have named and shamed the thoughts that sought to derail me.  I have not just acknowledged them, I have looked them in the eye and said, I know your game, but I chose whether or not I play. :)