Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Relationship Difficulties...

I hate you!
With a passion.
You deny that you know me, 
Yet we were so close not so long ago…

I knew you intimately…
your every detail was seared on my brain.
I made up rhymes, 
used patterns,
gave you a name I could not forget…
I created you 
and breathed life into you.
Without me, you could not exist!
and then I did the unforgivable and forgot, 
and now I am shut out like a stranger
given the virtual cold shoulder.

The worst of it is, 
that I know the failings are all on my part 
so please do not send me to virtual Coventry,
for that ring road is a punishment to great for me to bear.

Look, just because I don't remember the detail..
Please do not take it personally… 
for that would be an absurdity.
This is not of my choosing, 
I am the one that is losing, 
and I will not be my position abusing
If you force me to take that irrevocable step
and admit that  the very thing I swore not to forget, 
that the foolproof method for remembering
has failed 
and before you know it I will end our relationship
for ever.


our separation will be final 
and I will be forced to chose your replacement.

Look on the bright side, 
I will keep your replacement secret, 
and you may take some comfort from the fact 
that I am in a persistent pattern of short term relationships.  
Swearing to each successor that they are the one that will not be replaced, 
that I will treasure each detail of their identity 
and never 

Give me a clue,
or we are through
Password, I hate you.
Whoever you are!
You are history…. that is a good idea, 
which queen shall I pick
 - will it be Anne or Vic….