Wednesday, 23 July 2014

When time stands still...the freedom of summer

The hands stop 
at the top of the clock
and there they will stay,
Until 2nd September,
when they will start to move forward once more.

The old school year has ended,
and before you lies summer in all its glory,.
Right now we look forward with longing to warm days on the beach,
they lie enticingly within our reach.
Old familiar haunts to revisit,
surprising us with how our memories differ from reality?
New places to discover,
more experiences to store within our memory banks.

Six weeks of life,
not ruled by the clock and academic expectation.
six weeks to dawdle, dream and dally.
Six weeks to be
(apart from one art homework
closeups of fruit - colour, texture and variety)
Educationalist argue against this unstructured freedom,
claiming the time is at the expense of academic progress.
I say long live the six week summer holiday
long live the freedom to explore and marvel
This is a gift to every generation.
Before the new academic year is here and the hands on that clock move forward once more.
Until that moment the clock has stopped.
The old year has ended, but the new year has not begun.
So this truly is the season of the midnight sun!
Six weeks of summer,
with all the vagaries of the British weather!! 
Traffic jams, juggling for parking, and ice cream melting...
wasps and creepy crawlies,
and dogs barking on the beach
lie tantalisingly within reach.

Despite not having to be ready by a certain time,  
when I awake and glance at the clock, 
it reads exactly the same time as the alarm would be set for - 
the latest time I can get up and still ensure my daughter is not late!
I smile, turn over, and savour the freedom of summer.