Friday, 22 August 2014

When the familiar is no longer comfortable

I am light headed
That which I have put off, for weeks, has been accomplished.

Who benefitted from the delay - my bank balance, marginally.

Who suffered?
Me, as I hated my unruly locks.
The hairdresser, who has taken over the business, who needs customers to get her new venture up and running.  
The retiring hairdresser - who needed me to go back, as part of the goodwill she had sold.
The church. The church?
Yes. The hairdressers is situated adjacent to our church.  It is good for them to know that it is not just a building, but also a community. Possible potential customers, but also a place they could turn to.

I was pleased that the previous owner was able to sell her business. She needs to concentrate on her family right now, as they are going though a really, really tough time. 

Change is hard, we get comfortable with the familiar.  However today, I looked in the mirror and the familiar was no longer comfortable. I wanted tidy hair again.  So I reached for the phone, and as I chatted to one of the new owners  I knew it was going to be fine.  It was lovely to walk in and see the changes they have made, and hear their plans for the future. To be able to offer words of encouragement and be pleased with my haircut.

The massive scissors may have gone from the wall, but fashionable black wallpaper flowers are now blooming across the walls, listening to the conversations being woven, while the hairdressers perform their miracles of restoration, and peace reigns