Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Who do you see?

It is a trifle disconcerting to lift your eyes up to the bathroom mirror, whilst performing your ablutions, and see…well, what do you expect to see?


A disconcertingly slightly older version of yourself?  Sadly every day takes us down that slippery slope towards old age!

A peron who really ought to get their hair cut?

A person with a scary resemblance to your father or mother?

Maybe you look at the mirror and try to see the person you want to be - smart, sophisticated, successful?  Then you put on your glasses and reality kicks in ;)

Yet, when I look in the mirror this morning I saw someone I had never met!

  • Someone who lives thousands of miles from me.
  • Someone of a different gender!  Now THAT is a scary thought!
  • Someone , bizarrely who likes cats!  Six lots of cat poo removed from the garden this evening - no-one could ever accuse me of being a cat lover!  Grrrrrrrr! 
  • Someone I am unlikely ever to meet.
  • Someone who does not actually exist!  yes, this get's even more bizarre. This persone exists only in cartoon land His name is Jon Arbuckle.
My daughter is currently going through a "Garfield" phase, and Garfield's owner has become her hero.  The knock on effect from this current obsession is that her diet has expanded dramatically to include Lasagne.  All of a sudden eating, and over eating is good!  We are hoping that the overeating element is a passing phase, which will leave a lasting taste for Italian food. It makes eating out so much easier!

For some reason known only to herself my daughter has placed a drawing of Jon over the mirror in the bathroom.  She is most disconcerted that I recognise him from her drawing.  At least while he is there he can keep me posted on the shampoo stocks!

Although the picture has now been there several days, it still surprises me when I lift my eyes to glance in the mirror, and instead of myself, I see Jon, and remember.

Who do you see when you look in the Mirror?