Sunday, 12 October 2014

A Quarter with A daughter

Darkness hung heavily on the streets, 
as we emerged from the light and noise into the gloom. 
No longer united, we co-existed.  
Darkness dividing us, 
causing unfamiliar separation that surprised and unsettled.  
It was easy to part, 
as communication was more difficult 
now we could no loner rely 
on eye contact 
to initiate dialogue.  
Two went, 
then three, 
sliding into the familiarity 
of their transport, 
and into the night 
the remnant walked.

“Let us take the dark path, 
into the dark darkness” 
declared one, 
for she had no fear.

“But it is dark 
in the dark 
and I will be afraid” protested the other, 
“Will you look after me?” 
One did not deign to reply, 
but wandered on 
and was devoured 
by the dark 

What could the other do, 
but stop 
and record the moment.
Looking forward, 
and backwards.  
“What danger lies ahead?

Round the bend, 
the other went, 
fearing dragons, 
danger unknown...

Should we have dallied deep into the dark, darkness....?”  
But this was no-time for casual contemplation, 
for one had been devoured by the dark, darkness, 
and the role of the other was to follow, foolishly. 
And so she did, 
calling futilely 
as she followed 
for hope should have been 
her middle name...

As far as the eye could see, 
and five unfathomables further, 
dark darkness stretched. 
One hid and waited 
for the other to pass, 
which the other obligingly did, 
waiting for the customary monlogue, 
for notification of action completed.  

One backtracked 
to pursue a feline.  
The other remonstrated.  
One denied the intention, 
but the other was not fooled, for while darkness 
limits vision, 
hearing is sharpened.

Reverently we approach 
the house of prayer, 
aware those who lived there have moved on 
to new adventures.  

I wonder if the new residents are aware of the prayer 
that took place there, soaking into every crevice.  

 Down the hill went one, 
the other followed, 
observing the darkened windows, 
and regretting once more 
that summer has slipped away.

United we crossed the road, leaving behind the dark, darkness, and heading home.

The land of the dark darkness
did not overcome.
Our journey draws to an end
and another day is done.