Sunday, 19 October 2014

Sunday Afternoon

Sunday afternoon stroll.
Let us take a short cut,
through a dead end -
for such a thing is possible
in a town such as this.

Tiptoe cautiously..
Do not let a twig snap beneath an unwary foot,
nor kick those leaves
so carelessly scattered on the ground.

Do not disturb the local inhabitants,

For they have their own agenda,
gathering nuts,
and may mistake you for one!

Silently slip past the ornate cross,
half hidden behind the memorial to the family Browning -
supplier of legal service to the town for the past 150 years.

A gap in the fence leads to Holmwood -
the trees, not the former home of the Development Corporation,
who remoulded the town,
flattening much of its history,
and replacing it with structures of precast concrete and rsj's.
Brutalism in more than name...
but who can argue against the anonymous power of a QUANGO,
for they made the rules that they played by,
and we just hid behind our front doors,
and tried to convince ourself that progress was good,
whilst mourning the demise of 'The Hungry Man'...
who was devoured around the same time as the retail heart was ripped out of the town,
and replaced with a synthetic substitute of out of town interests,
replicated in town centres across the land.

Down leaf strewn tracks we wander,
enjoying the mild October afternoon.
Aware that too soon,
afternoons like this will be a distant memory,
as we cherish our winter layers,
which shield us from the chills of winter.

It was a good job that we choose to wander the woods
on this autumn afternoon,
for we discovered a very serious situation
that required immediate attention!
A twig had broken off a branch,
but was trapped and required immediate liberation.
Invisible to most,
but a sharp eye spotted the browned leaves,
contrasting with the adjacent greeny-yellow foliage.

Who could be the saviour of this orphaned twig?

FortunatelyThe Knotty Haired Teen decided that she was just the person for this job.

Unfortunately she could not reach...

Fortunately, she has young legs
and lots of energy,
so she jumped,
and tried to reach the unfortunate twig.

Unfortunately she could not jump high enough...

Fortunately there was a large stick close by.

Unfortunately the KHT attacked the wrong part of the tree....

Upon realising the error of her ways,
the KHT changed tactic and concentrated her efforts on the appropriate section.

Unfortunately, the small twig remained trapped....

The KHT threw caution to the wind,
and attempted a less disciplined approach.

When beating the tree did not release the trapped twig,
she ordered her parents to render assistance,
whilst she directed operations,
and successfully freed the twig...
A wise person knows when teamwork is required.


"What a hollow victory"
thought the parents of the KHT.

"All a matter of perspective,"
sighed the trees, 
pleased to have been taken notice of by something other than a dog with a full bladder...