Sunday, 14 December 2014 Divinity?

How much easier would it have been if there had been mobile phones and the internet at the time Jesus was born.

No need for Mary & Joe to go to Bethlehem - they could have registered online, and if they had to go, they could have booked accommodation at a Travelodge...or a Premier Inn - with breakfast as an extra.  If they left it until the last minute to book then could have been their best option.

The wise men could have used an app on their smart phones to identify and track the star, saving them all that journey, lugging precious gifts.

No need for the angels to sing, they could just have used itunes, and attached rechargable speakers to their wings...

As for the shepherds, they could have searched for the stable using street view....and once they had identified potential locations gone and checked them out - which would have been a lot quicker, surely?

It may have been easier, faster, more predictable if they had been able to access the internet, but it would have removed one thing - their dependancy on God. The short term gain would be unlikely to have strengthen their faith, instead it probably would have increased their feelings of self-sufficiency.  May we not fall into that trap!