Tuesday, 23 December 2014


Every 10 years or so my husband completely surprises me with a Christmas present I do not expect, and this year he is looking very pleased with himself.   
I know he has brought me something I really need, 
but there is also a large box with my name on 
and I do not have a clue what is in there.  

I decided to try and find out what he is thinking.
"I haven't brought you much.." I began tentatively...
"That's OK, we don't want too many presents, 
after all we are decluttering" he replied, with a big grin,
knowing full that I am seeking clues.

I decide on a more direct approach.  
"I haven't a clue what is in that box."
He agrees with me, and looks very pleased with himself. 

Shopping isn't one of his passions, 
and he is delighted that I have no idea what is in the parcel.
Part of me feels a bit nervous.
What throw away comment or dream has he picked up on?  
What will be expected of me after I open it?

I love giving presents, but all of a sudden receiving them has just got a lot more complicated...
..and all this is happening because God gave his Son, to us...
How do we feel about that gift?
What expectations does it place on us about how we behave?