Saturday, 13 December 2014

Message of Advent

I was reading an article which showed what our facebook posts reveal about our personality.  I wondered what my blog revealed about me, so I did a 'wordle' on my blog...

Mary, is the dominant word, but we are in the Advent season, and for me Mary is a big part of Advent. I am pleased to see that Jesus, Joseph (and Joe) and God also put in an appearance! Sadly 'cooking'  also features, which for me is the only negative word I have spotted so far!

I really like this wordle .  Wordles are usually pleasing to the eye, as the words dovetail very effectively, and this one is no exception.  However it is more than the pattern of words, it is the words themselves that are significant.  I can see 'journey', 'door',  'evening', 'think', 'wonder' 'appeared' and 'joy' - all positive words with a sense of anticipation.  As I look forward during this season of Advent, it feels as if my blog is reflecting the season of watching and waiting.