Friday, 5 December 2014


Today we travelled because we could,
we wanted to visit a town which,
until this moment,
had only driven through,
which looked like it had interesting shops,
and so because we could,
we did.

And so it came to pass that we went Christmas shopping in the small town of Llangollen.

While we were there we....
Investigated shops and discovered a really nice gallery.

Stood on the bridge and admired the fast flowing water of the Dee

Explored the sights, and some were rather strange....

Wandered through the trees by the river...

Admired the church

Then we went up to Horseshoe Pass, so that we could admire the stunning views, 
just because we could

But what if we found ourselves:- 
  • Shunned by the local community because of some perceived breach of custom?
  • Forced to travel many miles to register at the whim of some politician?
  • Unable to obtain accommodation at the point our child was due to be born?
  • Forced to seek shelter in a cave with animals.
  • Left with no choice but to bring our child in to the world in conditions that were not at all sanitary?
  • Disturbed by some dodgy farm workers, who thought that a bleating lamb would add to our joy?
  • Visited by strangers, who thought that cold metal, ointment and embalming fluid were approppriate gifts for a new baby!
  • Forced to become refugees in a foreign land, to stop our small son being murdered?
  • Feeling responsible for the slaughter of all the many boys left behind?

What if
  • I was only 14 years old.
  • My parents had arranged for me to marry a man quite a lot older than me.
  • I appeared to have pre-emtped my vows, and while still a child, was treated as if I was a fallen woman.
  • Shunned by those who had been my friends and the victim of a whispering campaign.
  • No-one was sure who the father of my child really is, and if I was to tell them I would be accused of blasphemy!