Saturday, 6 December 2014

Love came down

Love came down at Christmas
Love, turning prophecy into reality
promise into a baby

Love, appearing to those on the edge of society,
blessed by a musical oratario beyond their appreciation
but God is like that - giving us more than we deserve 
or can appreciate!

God paints the the glorious sunrise
across the skies
while we slumber.

God creates dew drops of amazing clarity and perfection,
magnifying cells and catching the light,
that evaporate while we are still indoors.

God shines reflections into puddlles, that we drive obliviously through in our rush to complete the never ending tasks.

God creates new life, after new life, after new life 
to enjoy this world, 
while we try and destroy it with toxic chemicals 
and global warming.
Short term benefits, while God sighs disparingly 
as we blame the 3rd world.

God create a rhythm and pattern to our seasons, 
while we fly perishables halfway around the globe in an attempt to acheive consistant medicrity in our packaged food.

God created seven days and night to provide us with sufficinet rest.
We stayed up to late, arose grumpily
and shopped on the Sabbath

Yes God still loved us enough 
to send his Son to earth
to be misunderstood, rejected and murdered.

God knew all this
yet still loved us enough
to send his son to earth
for us.