Sunday, 21 December 2014

Manger Danger

This Christmas could have gone down in history
as the Christmas when we lost the manger!!  
Fortunately, God was much more on the ball than we were
and plan B, with the a substitute manger, was not required,
Nor plan C - the cardboard box.
Though perhaps the ignominy of being laid in a carton, 
would be more fitting,
for one who came to reach out to those on the edge of society.
He was not laid in the drawer from a piece of furniture,
unlike my elder sibling, 
when there was no cot in which she could lay her head.

However, our manger was not locked in the school, as we feared,
but was in transit, 
on a journey of it's own.
Instead of one manger we ended up with two!
Now all we need to do is get the second manger back where it needs to be, 
ready for Christmas Eve...

This Christmas, may we reflect on why we are celebrating, 
and forget not the manger!