Saturday, 20 December 2014

Messy House

Mutter, mutter, clutter.
Mutter, mutter, declutter!

Then I take a break
and comtemplate,
but time won't wait.
The dreamer must become to doer.
Mary must become a Martha,
though she would rather
Sift through teenage detritus,
for tiny lego bricks.
For I cannot bear to throw them away,
for each one has a role to play.

Alas hama beads you do not have the same attraction!
Buy 10,000 for under £12 on Amazon
You are easily replaced
Cheap at half the price,
whatever that might actually mean...

There is a cupboard I haven't investigated.
Maybe I should just glue the door closed,
so no unsuspected person can get drowned
under a deluge of dolls house furniture.
Yes I know
it needs to go.
But already I have fought too many battles.
Bagged too many odd socks,
Sorted the recyclable from the non.
and discovered hama beads by the trillion.
Their only merit is that unlike Lego
Is they do not punish those who tread unwarily.

After two days of tidying bedrooms I am battle weary,
Immune to over sentimentality,
relentless in my crusade.
How do I differ from a fighter
cutting down those who are in the way,
victims used to make a point,
with no thought or concern for them
or their friends and family.
When do people cease to matter,
and just become another fatality?
A statistic
by the sadistic
in the battle for power?

Wouldn't it be good to have peace at Christmas?
A lasting peace.
Is that possible in a world where mankind is in control?