Friday, 19 December 2014


Step after step
Mile after mile.

A journey begins with the first step.
Each step is as important as the others.

Some journeys we travel with companions,
others we travel alone.

Sometimes we have to follow signs,
other journeys follow more familiar routes.

Travelling with burdens is hard.
May we let go of our hurts and disappointments,
and travel on with expectation
towards the joy,
of the season
and the year to come.

Lord, be my guide and my inspiration.
Forgive me when I wander along dead ends,
when I stick my fingers in my ears and refuse to listen
to your voice of reason and direction.
Forgive me when I am shouting so loudly about my own fears and worries,
that I drown out your suggestions as to whom you would like me to help.
Help me not to be so dazzled by materialism,
that I do not notice those in need,
or give you the glory you deserve.