Friday, 12 December 2014


I plod.
I plod through life.
I plodded through my assignments.
I plod through my service preparation.

I avoid housework
I avoid housework
I avoid housework
Reality catches up with me.
I plod through housework
Plod. Plod. Plodity, plod.

I avoid cooking
I start cooking.
I enliven the process by attempting to lob the veg off cuts across the kitchen and down the waste disposal unit
I miss. I miss. I miss.  Success!
I miss :(
I attempt to further enliven the drudgery by hurling the oven gloves at anyone who passes by...
I ignore cooking
I ignore cooking
I ignore...
The smoke alarm goes off.
I vow that I should not be left in charge of a kitchen...

I think about making cards.
I think about wrapping presents.
I think about lots of things.
I think about logging off facebook.
Facebook wins.

I go ringing.

And so Lord, I reach the end of another day.
A day in which I have achieved more than I expected , but less than I wanted.
Thank you for all I take for granted,
and please help me not to spend so much time on pointless triviality,
that I ignore the bigger issues.
Lord, I am sorry that I allow the world I live in to be a place of such inequality and oppression.
Show me where I can make a difference to others,
and to do the little I can to make the world a better place,
where your light still shines.