Thursday, 11 December 2014

Speculation and Contemplation

"Blooming politicians!  A journey to Bethlehem is all I need! muttered Joe
"Blooming Braxton Hicks!  A journey to Bethlehem is all I need! responded Mary, not quite as meek and mild, and feeling quite irritable due to the discomfort of late pregnancy.
"You can't call them Braxton Hicks, John Braxton Hicks isn't going to name them for another 1900 years! You can't go disturbing the space time continuum like that!"
"Here I am, about to give birth to the Saviour of the World and to become one of the most blessed of women, and you expect me to calm and serene?"  raged Mary "At least I get remembered, you fade from the scene, unheard of after Jesus was 12!"
"Henpecked into submission!"
"True!, agreed Mary, smiling despite her discomfort, "the most famous step-parent ever!"
"Hmm!  That is a sobering thought!  I wonder what Jesus will look like?
"Blonde with blue eyes, and a pale complexion...."
Goodness Mary, THAT really would set the tongues wagging!  The poor lad needs to at least look as if he is Jewish and be able to blend in!"
"That's true!

Mary and Joseph stared into the embers of the fire and contemplated the future, when instead of two, they would be three.
"Joe...." asked Mary, tentatively, "Do we HAVE to have him you know 'done'?
Joseph sighed
"I assume you are referring to circumcision,"
Mary nodded, anxiously.
"Mary, I am sorry, but EVERY Jewish boy has to be circumcised. Try not to worry about it. it will be over before he knows anything about it. It really isn't anything to make a song and dance about!"
It is just something that happens to every Jewish boy, a mark of belonging.  God is entrusting us to bring Jesus up to be Jewish.
Let's get some sleep, we have a long journey ahead of us, but whatever happens God will be with us, preparing the way, using his angel armies if necessary!"
The couple settled down for the night, then Joseph thought of something
"Blue really does suit you!
And in the darkness Mary pondered, on this and many other things, as she drifted off to sleep.