Monday, 1 December 2014

The First Advent

Advent - a time of….
Waiting and expectation,
Planning and preparation
Looking forward with anticipation
Looking back, to promises of old
Listening again to the prophecies foretold


with the advantage of hind sight, why the Saviour's birth was such a surprise? 
Revealed to both the foolish and the wise
Why no-one else noticed that an Hallelujah chorus of angels had filled the skies.

What if...
There had been a spare room when the baby chose to arrive?
If Herod had experienced a change of heart?
The wise men hadn't bothered following the star?
Brought gift vouchers, to save carrying the gifts all that way?
Mary had lost the baby, or Jesus hadn't lived to adulthood?
Jesus had been really naughty?

It is pretty amazing that it all happened to plan, as far as we know!

What are you looking forward to this Advent
 - the birth of your Saviour, 
or a daily dose of chocolate?