Monday, 15 December 2014

'Amazon'er Anonymous

As a participant in the race for perfection, I have to admit that I am a bit slow off the starting blocks.  The wise person might begin their preparations for Christmas in the sales, when items are reduced. I just do not function that way.  I only start to think about Christmas sometime in November.  Each year I vow not to go overboard, and I don't really, but it is sobering how I spend when giving presents just to  closest relatives and friends.  However, I do enjoy shopping, searching out a present that I hope will let the recipient know that I have thought about them and their taste.

I try to do my shopping in small independent shops, as I get really bored by chain stores that offer the same limited range of goods in every town across the land - yawn!  Then I suddenly become aware that the clock is ticking and I need to complete my shopping before Christmas Day dawns. I have a confession to make. Despite everything in me hating the way they treat their staff, and how they undercut other companies WHILST NOT PAYING TAX, I revert to Amazon, because it is the easy option.
1) Wish lists - I can finish off my shopping by finding out what my relatives really want me to buy them.
2) Choice - I have a large range of items to choose from.
3) Free delivery - if I chose carefully and don't  cut it too fine, I can use the 3 - 5 day service.
4) Direct delivery - if necessary I can arrange for a present to be delivered to their home, instead of waiting it to arrive, wrapping it, and going off to the post office.  The present wrapping option really comes into its own at this late stage!

At this point I feel like I should join a group of other people who find themselves in a similar position and attend support meetings. "Hello, my name is Rose and I have shopped at Amazon.

Maybe next year everyone will get gift vouchers - no wrapping, no shopping, no hassle, but not quite in keeping with the spirit of Christmas I feel!