Saturday, 3 January 2015

After The Rain

A further day of decluttering and the bag mountain in the hall is ever growing...
"This was clear the other day!" grumbled my husband.
"Yes, but it is only passing through.." I remind him.

Outside the rain  was poured down.
Inside my surprise Christmas present -  a dehumidifier in case you were wondering - was working wonders on the laundry.
In the lounge the odd sock game is not a Facebook frivolity, but a real life conundrum.  We must have matched over 40 pairs. Those without hope of a partner, will be recycled. I am becoming a hardened declutterer!

Suddenly around 3pm, the skies cleared, and the sun appeared.  We ceased our endless decluttering and our procrastinating about decluttering, and headed off on our woodland walk with a sense of urgency, aware that the sun would soon be slinking out of sight.

Change is all around us. In the grounds of the golf course, one of the mighty oaks from the original woodland had been chopped down. The KHT went off cautiously to investigate.  She was noticeably reluctant to run anywhere after slipping on frost a few days ago, even though the temperatures were well above freezing she wasn't taking any chances!

Given the recent deluge we did not detour through the Cemetery and the often squelchy Holmwood.  Instead we stuck to main pathways through the adjacent Pitcheroak Wood and muddy verges thereof.

We reached the old fencing, above what was once an old quarry, was later a tip and now is housing.

My eyes was caught by the droplets and twigs silhouetted against the sky.

I noticed how changing the focal point, switched the emphasis from the branches,

To the barbed wire

and back again.

It struck me how much this sums up life, and how we often focus on one thing, to the exclusion of the rest.  How much do we focus on ourselves, and fail to notice the needs of those around us.

Individually, we are insignificant,
we can do so much more,
be so much more,
achieve so much more
when we work together,
and work for the common good.

The sun had disappeared, but a beautiful moon was rising, time to stop contemplating and head for home....

Across the bridge,
as vehicles hurtle by on the highway below.
We pass the Samaritans sign,
a reminder of the lives that have ended too soon, by those who could not see a solution
to their inner torment.
Erected after campaigning
by those they left behind.

Back over the highway, by a different bridge -  pausing to jump in puddles

No matter how busy you are,
always take time to stop and ponder
and jump,
or even dance
in puddles.

The day ends with a bag review.
"Where is this bag going?"
"Charity shop. Recycling. The tip....
No, sorry the charity shop will not want those dusty in trays, they are broken!"

"Keep on top of your filling system and declutter your house before it becomes another stress factor" my husband reads out from a book he has discovered*
A pity we didn't read this book a few years ago. It was hidden in the clutter!

*The Restful Heart by Liz Babbs