Friday, 9 January 2015

And Then They Were Few

Our band is small and select. We started ringing again in April, but because a risk assessment needed to be completed, we began by encouraging those who former members of the band to come along and brush up their skills.

Many months later and we are teaching new recruits.  This evening we roll up to practise and no-one is there...slowly they appear.  However tonight is an evening when we are missing a couple of the key members of the band. Bizarrely Giles is in London with his Sinclair C5, recording for The One Show.  Another was in hospital.  We felt a bit despondent.  What could we do?  We couldn't go elsewhere in case our latest learner rolled up. Our other learners weren't ready to try another tower.

We looked at what people could do, and set them simple targets.
  • Chris was going to learn Bob Minimus inside.
  • Phil was going to attempt Plain Hunt of 4 and also learn to get a bell down, and repeat getting a bell up, which he did for the first time last week.
  • Our learners would continue to learn back strokes and hand strokes and would ring back strokes in rounds with a helper.
  • One of our learners chimed the heaviest bell, after all the bells were down, and hooked up some of the bell ropes onto the spider - we would never have guessed that this was something that she had wanted to do!
Happy rope :)
Little steps and real progress made, which is always encouraging.  What could have been an evening where we didn't really bother with much, turned into a session where real progress was made, by tailoring what we did to the ringers available.

Bellringing is also a team effort, so we are all encouraged when anyone learns something new and we share in the sense of achievement.

Small steps.  Never despise the small steps.  A journey can only be made if we are prepared to start out, no matter how unpromising it all looks!  A good evening.  Thank you to those who were present and hurry back to those who weren't.