Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Even Song


In the midst of the howling wind in the chimney, and the rain splattered windows,
there is silence.

Despite the rattle of the keys, and the scrape of buttons on metal computer casing, which sets my teeth on edge, and reminds me again that I need to order a skin,
there is silence.

Alongside the ticking of the clock and the distant hum of the dishwasher,
there is silence.

Interweaving with the sound of a cup lifted, coffee swallowed and the cup replaced,
there is silence.

Elsewhere in the house, there is the regular sound of breathing of undisturbed sleep,
yet my ears are not sufficient to hear it.

Neither can I hear the exchange of data over the internet, not the blood flowing around my body.
Yet I trust in these and many other things.
For this is the rhythm of this house - inside and out.
Some are under my control, others are beyond my jurisdiction.

I hear the unusual sound of a door closing in the adjacent property,
reminding that this day is almost over.
I glance at the clock.
It is still today,
but not for much longer.

It has been an interesting day, not spectacular, but interesting.
My mind sifts possibilities,
interweaving them with improbabilities,
contrasting with certainties.
For life is not static
and tomorrow will have another song to sing,
interspersed with silence.
But I will only be able to appreciate the melody of the day,
if I take time to sit and listen.