Saturday, 24 January 2015

Judgement Day!

And so the day came  for the great divide.
A day when some would be saved,
and others cast into the great waste paper bin of life.
But before each decision was made, there was to be a time of testing.
Each pen would be given the opportunity to show what it could do.

And so the testing began...

Soon the page began to fill up with random scribbles.
What you cannot see are the places where the pens did not work.
These pens were consigned to the dreaded wicker paper basket...

Yes, they were the basket cases...

Gradually the page began to fill up

and so did the bin...

Each one was given a fair opportunity.
A chance to leave its mark upon the page.

Sadly somewhere unable to do so,
or if they could,
their efforts could not be sustained. They were fading fast.
The time had come for them to go. In fact some may say that their departure was well overdue!

Some were good pens,
well constructed,
but I cannot be bothered to seek out new refills.
There are so many variations.

There was one exception.
A pen that did not work very well,
but was too beautiful to throw away.
Although it does not appear to have a brand mark,
it has a good weight and fits snuggly into my hand.
It also has a beautiful case of translucent blues and browns, that reminds me of the mysterious depths of the oceans.
For this pen I will make an exception and search for a refill.

I gaze sadly at the contents of the bin and notice a pop up colouring pencil.
That shouldn't be in there!
I retrieve it.

Hmmm, one rescued out of many - is this supposed to be symbolic of Abraham's pleas for Sodom? Genesis 18:16-33

One chosen for looks not ability - hardly a parallel with David being chosen in 1 Samuel 16:7.

One rescued out of the bin - hardly an accurate portrayal of the day of Judgement as in Matthew 25:31-33

Life doesn't have to be a parallel.
Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn't.
Instead of looking for meaning, and bending scripture in ways it isn't supposed to go.
Listen to what God is saying.
Today he was saying "Start with the little things."
And so I did.

Meanwhile how do you test a white pen on white paper?