Tuesday, 6 January 2015


Do not bring gold its far too heavy!
Bring bitcoin, or Euro's 
or something more trendy.
American express, or Barclaycard,
High Street or John Lewis Store card,
I can click and collect
and avoid a long wait, Rose!
Amazon vouchers
unless you have principles!
Add some credit  to my paypal account.
I have been looking at Groupon  
I have found a hotel on 
the red sea, 
with scuba diving 
thrown in for free.

Do not bring incense worthy of a king,
on the air it will stay lingering
and set off my asthmatic coughing.
Bring me something from Avon,
That will cause some attraction
and be a distraction
during the hours of travelling 
to this foreign destination.
I hope they don't just encarcerate us,
use and abuse us
and return us
to certain

Do not bring oil for embalming, 
the very thought is hardly calming.
What message are you giving,
you should bring hope to the living.
We're heading off to Egypt
avoiding the slaughter.
Suddenly our neighbours are glad if they had a daughter!

Bring something of use!
Something to show you understand.
that this baby is precious
and will be your Redeemer
King, Advocate and Saviour.
He will change the world for ever
No wonder Herod thinks he is a danger!
But only if you accept him
and the gift he has
for you.
Don't leave him
as a stranger
in a manger.
To be brought out and dusted
once a year
as a tradition.
and spend the rest of the year
locked away
and forgotten.