Thursday, 15 January 2015

Fireside Musings

Watching firelight.
Cocooned within the blue womb of the room.
Heat radiates out from the flickering flames in the wood burner.
Outside the wind moans its January lament,
icy raindrops hurl themselves
against leaded window panes.
I look out beyond to the horizon,
where the faintest hint of daylight
gracefully remains,
contrasting with the strident orangey glow
of the streetlamp.
I recognise the reluctance within me
to draw the curtains
and exclude the world
with all its sad madness,
brutality and poverty.

Here I will stay
Marooned, yet secure,
Glad that I do not have to venture out again today,
yet feeling sad for those who do not have anywhere warm and safe,
whose belly will not be filled with lasagne,
but the gnawing pain of hunger.
for those whose hearts and wills are broken
and security stolen
by wealthy politicians and pension-holding paper pushers
under pressure from poverty exacerbating policies
While our infrastructure is privatised
sold off to the highest bidder or best back hander.
While we watch on powerless
and settle down to watch Pointless
for we have no answers
only questions.