Sunday, 8 February 2015

Approaching PIP

Tomorrow is PIP day
Yes the sharp question-shooting sheriff will stride into my sitting room, rattle off questions and try and assess whether my daughter qualifies for Personal Independent Payments....The whole thing bewilders me, as I am not aware that a cure for Autism has been discovered....

Still we are switching systems, leaving behind the familiar territory of Disability Living Allowance, and moving on to the unchartered waters of PIP,
and with any change there is always the potential to slip...

Meanwhile, as far as my daughter is concerned, tomorrow is Monday and she should be in school and is not very pleased that she has to stay home and meet this strange woman...
Life is never simple is it?

I have no idea if the person who will visit tomorrow will understand my daughters disability and vulnerableness, or if the whole assessment will be driven by quotas and we are destined to fall in the fail camp before we even begin.

I want this to be a positive experience for my daughter.  I want her to believe that she lives in a country that will value her as a person and look after and protect her.

I want to like and respect this person as they carry out their job.  However I am also aware that they will have targets.

I have no desire to be cynical, but the 'Marvin' in me warns of doom, darkness and failure.

I have looked at the criteria and I am convinced my daughter should pass part, if not all of the assessment, however nothing is certain.

All we can do is be totally honest, and present the best case and remember Marvin, and try not to be complacent.

I wonder when we will hear the outcome...?