Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Life's Little Mysteries

A friend was  virtually window shopping for lighting.  She sent me links to some up lighters that she had found. Then she sent me a further link
"This one looks like a toilet brush!"
I clicked the link
"Thats because it is a toilet brush!..."
Don't ask me what it is doing in the lighting section...
It is always entertaining when you discover things accidentally placed in the wrong part of a website...
I suggested that she wrote to the company and complained...
"Further to the light fitting I purchased from your website, it had a lovely shine outside which reflected the light.  This was very useful, as it kept blowing the electrics when I knotted it on to the wires... May I suggest you add a connector for ease of fitting to the ceiling...
I was also disappointed that the bottom dropped off, and we were unable to detect any discernible glow, but this may be because we were unable to find anywhere to fit a bulb!"

Draw your own conclusions... http://www.homebase.co.uk/en/homebaseuk/bathroom/bathroom-essentials/bullet-brush---stainless-steel-637349

I then read the reviews to discover what experiences other folks had had, and was rather amused by this review..

"good brush but couldn't get on with it so have gone back to using paper"