Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Seeing Red!

Dear Rebecca

Thank you for writing to me, expressing your concern about another five years under the leadership of David Cameron.  I freely admit that I share your misgivings.

I would love to vote for you, why wouldn't I? You are young, eloquent, and embraced local politics in a way which made it perfectly obvious to most of us that you would be a strong contender to represent your party at the next general election, and sure enough, you were selected!

Our social security bill is escalating and showed no sign of shrinking any time soon. However I loathe and detest the injustice and inhumanity of this new system, where penalties are imposed and benefits withdrawn from claimants for the most arbitrary of reasons - with no right of reply. Many of those affected are those on the edge of society - the very people the system was set up to protect.  Those who abuse the system will just change tactics, they will survive.  I also wonder if anyone has stopped to consider the effect on the employees forced to implement these targets and how this regime is eroding their very souls in the process?  Meanwhile multinationals have clever accountants who appear to choose to whether or not they will contribute to the pot.  The rich have dealt themselves a winning hand, as they get richer at the expense of the poor.  Yes, Rebecca, your party is not in power any more.  Your party can avoid some of the blame for our current predicament.  However, your party is the most ineffectual silent opposition party ever! I get the impression that your leader is actually scared, that he has no answers, no strategies, no policies and that if he won he would be like at rabbit in headlights - paralysed!  There have been so many opportunities for the opposition to speak out against injustice, corporate greed , government incompetence and bureaucratic bungling....yet you are silent.

We have lost the socialist heart of the labour party - people with passion for the poor like Aneurin Bevan and Dennis Skinner. We have gained career politicians, who have no concept of the helplessness of poverty.  We have lost a society when your progress depended on your brains, graft and good fortune and replaced it with one where education carries a debt, healthcare is limited and your future is dictated by schooling your parents can afford to buy for you.

Labour has lost my respect before. Last time was during the winter of discontent, when collective bullying was used to force higher wages and contributed to financial instability.  Strangely Tony Blair's New Labour won back my respect and convinced me that New Labour was the way forward.  Now we have silent Labour and as a mother I really don't get how Labour can be silent when Labour is actually a place of anguish and pain.  Sorry, Rebecca, until your party starts striving for the people, not the shareholders, until your party is prepared to shed the lightweight leadership, and rediscover a heart for the people, I cannot trust you with the next five years anymore than I can trust David Cameron.

I remain not so much a floating voter, as one who is paddling against the tide of bad policies made by greedy politicians, who do not go to bed hungry, or fear to put on the heating. As I ponder on the current political abyss I find myself asking if this is really 2015 or 1915, and if the great depression sandwiched by the carnage and cruelty of two bloody wars, still awaits us.