Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Starting off On The Way Of The Cross

The idea, the seed, remains dormant until it evolves gradually from a thought, to a vague plan with some details sketched out.
A structure is discovered, adopted, volunteers appear....
God is in the small detail, breathing life into the dust of human intention.
Slowly a form begin to appear.

The idea began stirring over 12 months ago.
Talking to people more seeds were sown, as imaginations stirred.
A chance conversation guided me to a structure, a support mechanism to help the whole project hang together, without compromising the theology of the flock.
I recognised the truth and integrity of the plan and knew that as a church it would be one we could work with and feel comfortable.  Theology is common, yet diverse. It challenges and comforts, mystifies and inspires.  It must not be too comfortable, or it offers no support, yet it must not pinch and distract us from our worship.

This Easter we shall be giving people the opportunity to reflect on the second half of Holy Week.
Volunteers are starting to come forward, but I sense that people are overawed at the prospect of engaging with some of the most powerful verses in the Bible.

The journey is exciting - what new insights will we gain into scripture through creating and reflecting on the work of others?

The journey is challenging - will church members have the courage to engage with the scriptures and then let their work be seen by others?

Despite our human anguish the journey we will under take is just a pale imitation of the agony Jesus suffered and the price he paid.  It would save a lot of work of we didn't bother, but we will learn so much if we have the courage to embrace this project and all that it offers.