Saturday, 28 February 2015

Surprised by The Trinity

On Saturday afternoon we ventured to the southern end of the county for the Branch Meeting of my local ringing association at Eckington.  Last time we were active members the meetings always fell on the 2nd Saturdays of March, June and October.  For technical reasons the first meeting of the year now falls in February, and instead of service and tea we were offered delicious cakes. This did have the effect of somewhat shortening the proceedings, which meant we were able to return home before it got dark.

I have rung at many churches, and often the only part of them I have seen is the ringing chamber, so it was lovely to take the opportunity to wonder around the church and take time to look at the building.  My own church is modern and simple, so I love admiring altar cloths and other seasonal decoration.

The church has some beautiful glass including this stunning window. I wish I had had longer to stand, study and understand its rich symbolism, as I am sure it has a great deal to say.

I recognised the diagram of the Trinity from my reader training,
and zoomed in to take a closer look.

Later when I looked at the photographs I had taken I remembered that the church is dedicated to the Holy Trinity.

In one corner of the church stands the old church clock retired from service

with this timely reminder,
which started me pondering on the different ways we serve.
Ringers serve their churches by summonsing the faithful to worship, 
and are a reminder to all who hear them that the church is a part of their community.

What about us, are we faithful in our worship?  
Does it form an integral part of our life?  
Is it a commitment we take very seriously, or something we do when it feels right to us?

Is our faith detectable by others?  
Does it ring out in our lives, or is it muted and suppressed - like a bell with a tied clapper, or a tower where sound control limits what is heard beyond the walls?

Let us take note of these words.
Let us serve God with all our might,
Tell of his love, power and glory
May we be a good example and witness to those we meet
and make serving God our purpose.