Thursday, 26 February 2015

The Great Escape

"Steve, we have a problem!"
"We always have a problem.  It is what we do! We help people through their problems. You know our motto..
'Our business is helping YOU through difficult times with dignity!' "
"It's young Josephson.  I just went to get the body out of the mortuary..."
"There was no body"
"Mary, he's probably waiting for you in the chapel.  Maybe the family phoned and booked a viewing.  Go and check!"
"I already have and he isn't in any of the chapels,"
"Someone must have moved him. After all dead bodies don't walk!"
"Well, this one did!"
"Don't be ridiculous!  Have you checked the video footage?"
"At 7:01 this morning he climbed out of the storage, waved at the camera and scribbled a note and left.  Here is the note.."
Steve slowly takes the note and reads the writing
"I've been to hell and back, beaten death and now I am off to see my Dad.  Thanks for taking care of me.  See you around J.
We buried his Dad a good 15 years ago, so he must have gone to the cemetery..."
"It's his handwriting, sure enough. I have seen it enough times scribbled on paperwork for all the coffins he has made for us over the years!"
"Yes, you are right. It IS his writing."
"The weirdest part is that he passed Mary M. and I in the corridor, and I realise now that it was him, but at the time I didn't. We directed him up to the visitors lounge, and he smiled and said he knew the way..
There is just one thing.  I handled his body when it arrived late Friday.  I KNOW he was dead, but now he is alive, and I can't make sense of it!"
"Do you believe in miracles?"
"I will, if you resist the temptation not to send off the footage to 'You've Been Framed' "