Monday, 23 February 2015

When Loss becomes gain

Imagine being given a gift,
and realising that the gift is not just adequate, or sufficient, but actually very nice.
You appreciated the gift,
because it was meant to be enjoyed.

Then you have a revelation that startles and shocks you with its audacity
What if you surrender your claim,
and exchange it for something else,
that will work just as well for you, if not slightly better.
"Fair enough," you say, that is a fair exchange."
Then, imagine your happiness when you suddenly realise
that the the gift you had originally can be shared,
and you all gain.

By letting go something marvellous is allowed to happen,
something better than you imagined
and in the moment of the decision making
and from then onwards
you have the peace and joy.

Yet all your releasing and subsequent contentment pales into insignificance
when you consider the gift God gave to the world
when he sent his one and only beloved Son into the world,
to be our Saviour
and the sacrifice for our sins,
our arrogance,
and stupidity.

The nearest we can come to following this example
is when we give up trying to fulfil our dreams,
and goals for self aggrandisement,
and instead turn to God,
handing over control of our lives to him.
Seeking to work to bring about his kingdom here on earth,
and to bring his love to a world that is mainly unaware and indifferent
to the God who created them.
When we no longer seek personal success and ease,
but allow ourselves to be drawn into complex situations,
and try to hold on to the example Christ gave us,
picking ourselves up and starting again when we fail.

As for me, what did I lose,
and what did I gain?
Well, lets just say that the outlook is sunny ;)