Sunday, 1 March 2015

Marching Into March

It was an optimistic sort of morning, bright and blustery, with a sense that spring really had begun.
I contemplated putting some towels in the wash, with a view to hanging them out upon our return from church.  Our weather is very changeable, and often promising mornings deteriorate by lunchtime, and dismal morning make way to sunny afternoons.

The first Sunday of the month is a time when we worship together and it was good to see lots of familiar faces and some known visitors.

We were given a pipe cleaner each before the service began.  Unsurprisingly I chose yellow.  During the service we were asked to shape it into something that was important to us.  I am not artistic, so I attempted to make a camera.... I love taking photographs of God's creation and using them creatively to share thoughts and ideas about God, scripture and faith.  I was certain that this was a good use of what God had given me...

We were then asked to take the very thing we had created, and destroy it and turn it into a cross.  There was a collective intake of breath at this point, as no-one wanted to sacrifice what they had created.  If we felt like that about a mangled pipe cleaner, how did God feel about allowing his one and only Son to suffer and die?

My cross, was a rather sad and mangled affair, and the blurry photograph does not add to its glory, but if we try and keep things for ourselves, then they cannot be used for God's glory. Similarly, if we stick to our plans, then we are restricting God's plans. When we look at the bigger picture, then our desires and plans suddenly look quite insignificant.

By the time we left church the skies were grey, hinting at the imminent rain.  Sure enough it arrived before we even reached home. Heavy rain and hail persisted most of the afternoon, so no washing got hung out to dry on the cold spring breeze. All the best laid plans...

The sun put in a late appearance, we watched from the comfort of our lounge as the sunshine fought a losing battle with the advancing cloud.
"Look how fast those clouds are moving" I said to my daughter, 'I think a storm is approaching."
"Let the show begin!" she replied.
Sure enough the rain was soon battering on the window, again.

As the day draws to a close I reflect on all that has happened - the places I have visited and the people I have met.
I thank God for my church fellowship, and for the support and dedication of the members.
I ask God for clarity and wisdom in dealing with difficult situations, and for the discernment to know when to hand situations over to him and not  to dive in, for belly flops are rarely evidence of grace!