Monday, 9 March 2015

"Mum. does resurrected mean good as new?"

"Mum, does resurrected mean good as new?"

Resurrected - risen from the grave.
Death defeated,
conquered, but not cheated.
Battle worn,
bearing scars on side
and hands opened wide
to reach out to all who will respond.

As good as new?
No, even better!
The crown of scorn and thorn
is replaced with the crown of
high renown
of majesty and glory.

Death is beaten.
Jesus is risen,
walking in the garden
waiting for Mary
and for you and me

The dress code of grave clothes
no longer required
The stone is rolled away
and in that moment
man is reconciled to God.
With a cosmic shift
the rift
is healed
by the sacrifice
of the perfect one.

"Mum, does resurrected mean good as new?"
Yes and no.
No and yes.
But we must claim the prize
open our eyes
to this amazing