Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Relationship status - it’s complicated

Our relationship has reached an impasse
and right now I have to say, 
with a heart that is heavy,
that I don't know what the future holds.
The only way to describe the current quagmire of frustration and ineptitude 
is to say that "It's Complicated"
The sad part is that it shouldn’t be!
Our relationship has lasted many years, through highs and lows.  
Maybe I am being naive, 
Maybe I am I guilty of looking back on the past through rose-tinted spectacles, 
but, hey, given my name, 
who can blame me?

I thought there was a genuine level of commitment on both sides. 
I can't speak for you, but all that I can say 
is that I desire a relationship based on trust and mutual respect,
that is more than just payment
in exchange for services rendered, 
for put like that it is sounds like prostitution, 
and just the word itself shocks me 
with its harsh brutality and economic necessity.

I must be honest with you, 
you muck me around 
and I shall not just accept whatever treatment you give me.
Oh no, not me!
If you took me for a mug, you are in for a big surprise!
If you do not make a serious commitment to resolving our current difficulties
then I will not remain meekly shackled to your side
I shall be looking for a new relationship,
looking at what else is on offer…

So stop stringing me along,
making arrangements and then cancelling them, 
because of you own ineptitude!
And then having the utter gall to hint at wanting money…
Sort yourself out, BT,  
I am ''open' to your 'reach'
woo me with your seductive fibre optics
and get my broadband sorted!

But most of all, 
I am only a phone call away…