Friday, 20 March 2015

The tide of Magnolia

When life is busy, I do not have the time to sit and unravel my thoughts in a blog.
Correction, I do have the time, instead I fritter it away on meaningless games on Facebook, with the excuse that it is good for my brain to face these challenges.  However, as I usually lose, I am not sure that there is any credibility to my claim.  I am no longer convinced that I play the game, I think that the game plays me - analysing my strengths and exploiting my weaknesses, knowing that I have certain tactics that I will repeat, and ridiculing my optimism as once again I fail to notice that victory is impossible, and may even have been so before the first move.

In real life my husband is playing "search the paint tin lid", abandoned by me yesterday as the relentless magnolia tide washes around our home, subduing the multicoloured decor into obedient passivity, replacing the battered but still gleaming gloss, into trancelike satin...My husband has been allocated walls and ceilings, I have woodwork.

Today we shall play the shopping game - searching for doormats and light shades which enhance their environment and do not cause disharmony.  My natural inclination is for bright colour, clutter and flamboyance, but now I shall search for simplicity, texture and subtle shading and see beauty in a new way. My decluttering will continue, as I winnow my way through my possessions, allowing what is not required to move on to new places, but maintaining what is important.  These decisions are not made easily, or painlessly, but when each stage is complete, there is a sense of accomplishment.  The distinction between what I desire to keep and what I require is sometimes blurred.  However, time will not wait while I deliberate and with the spring sunshine comes a sense of unfamiliar urgency  - declutter, clean and transform is the mantra that echoes in my head.  There will be a time when I can relax, but we have not yet reached that season.