Monday, 2 March 2015

The Tortoise Hares Slowly

The day stretched ahead of me, a yawning chasm of failure, decorated tenuously with opportunities doomed to end in disaster.  Yes, it would be fair to say that matters domestic always bring out my pessimistic side...

I started resolutely as I meant to go on, and went back to bed...but I did not sleep.  Instead I lay cocooned and contemplated resistible opportunities...

With a desire for a simpler life, my husband and I have embarked on a regime of decluttering and decorating. Unfortunately our heads are more engaged with this project than our hearts, and each decision requires much painful pondering.  We know we have far more than we need, but letting go is far from simple, as each item triggers memories and emotions.

Small visitors were expected, so painting was out of the question - how we love our get outs!
Small visitors also precluded anything that was going to cause mess as a byproduct - at least for the first part of the day!
Small visitors should have entailed putting away the jigsaw, the open box of which I trod in later in the day, but somehow I glossed over that one...
Small visitors were lured away, by promises of animals, and so my excuse for delay was removed.  On the bright side the small visitors did encourage me to go through the toy boxes.  I box destined for charity, other lot designed for the bin.

Today was a stand off between all the tasks I need to do, and my natural procrastination.  Facebook was on the side of good, with a dearth of postings.

On the bright side, I did condense the photos down from two to one boxes, a small and embarrassingly insignificant step I know.  I also went through the hat and glove box and rejected a huge pile of odd gloves, which I foolishly left visible in the bin to be spotted by the KHT...
"What are all those gloves doing in the bin - couldn't you just keep them?"
"So are they going to the charity shop?"
"Then what are they doing in the bin!"

I engrossed myself in rubbing down paintwork, to avoid further interrogation.

I open the formerly almost empty under stairs cupboard.
"The fireguard can go to the tip"  I declare
"I was thinking of taking that down to the charity shop on Woodrow" responds my husband
"No-one on Woodrow has a fire" we respond in unison "The tip!"  Its destiny is decided.

The realisation that we have a visitor arriving on Friday sent me hurrying to the spare room..
"The floors clear isn't it?" declared my husband, naively...
"Yes, but he is going to want to get into the cupboard!
I cheered myself up by exchanging the animal print curtains for Paddington ones...which hadn't seen the light of day for about 30 years, but suddenly seem fashionable.

I opened the wardrobe and peered at the boxes of craft supplies.  Apparently you can have too much craft stuff. Perhaps if I condense it, it won't looks so bounteous...

Tomorrow is another day of decluttering decisions, but first my comfy cocoon is calling to me...