Saturday, 21 March 2015

Unwelcome Visitor

Without invitation
you rudely invaded my life,
disrupting my routine,
derailing my plans.

Night did not bring peace and refreshment,
but a restless waking,
and irritation at the noises that normally do not disturb me.
I lay huddled beneath the duvet,
but was still shivering
so I added a layer
and hoped that soon I would start to feel warm.
At 4am I made a coffee,
and aimlessly wandered around the internet,
before retreating back to my bed
before the Dawn noticed my wakefulness.

This afternoon I slouched on the settee,
enjoying feeling the suns gentle warmth,
while my daughter followed Garfield's antics once more,
as she completed another jigsaw.

It's only a cold.
A trifling inconvenience
which delays me from my tasks.
Tomorrow will dawn,
maybe my eyes and nose will not run so freely
nor my head feel that it is no more that a reservoir of snot -
there are few polite ways of accurately describing
this irritating inconvenience.
All I can do is give it the cold shoulder
and hope that it gets the hint.